The frequencies of vibrational energy exist in everything, expanding to the depths of the Universe to the rocks and plants, animals and you. It plays a large role in how you feel on a daily basis. The vibrational frequency that you’re functioning on determines your level of physical energy, mental capacity and emotional reactions. Vibrations are ever changing throughout the day, fluctuating according to your activities and how much you’re enjoying them, as well as your location, surroundings and the people you’re interacting with. So, being able to recognize your energy vibration and knowing how to raise it is key to living life to the fullest.

What Is a Vibration?

Everyone and everything in the Universe has a vibrational energy that affects our physical, emotional and spiritual health. We impact others with vibration just as much as others impact us. Have you ever been in conversation with someone who was really depressed or angry and noticed how it affected you internally? That was you sensing their low vibrational energy. Or perhaps you’ve walked into a room where a conversation had been intense, and you could feel the tension and rigidity in the air. Regardless if people try to put up a front as if all is okay, you can sense it in the atmosphere and within your own body.

As you become more aware of your vibration you’ll learn to keep it at a higher level throughout the day, learning to shield yourself from the negativity of who or what is around you, when necessary.

While this concept of frequency vibration is not extremely well known, some of the most famous people in history acknowledged vibrations affected health. For example, Nikola Tesla, American inventor made this statement. Where is the statement? Since then, many researchers have based their life work on gaining better understanding of the human body’s frequency in correlation to health.


Benefits of Having a High Vibration

Having a high vibration makes life better. It raises the conscious awareness and increases the appreciation for self, others, and nature. There are a variety of ways to raise your vibration and when you do, you’ll discover the following benefits:

  • Facing challenges becomes easier and rather than feeling overwhelmed or depressed, there will be increased levels of motivation and mental strength to focus on finding a solution.
  • A high vibration promotes the clearing of former habits and thought patterns that do not serve you well.
  • Feelings of unconditional love, forgiveness and peaceful calm are enjoyed more regularly.
  • Life is experienced moment by moment as it should be, focusing mindfully on what is in the now.
  • You’ll find yourself in tune with your heart-center, which will increase your intuitive awareness.
  • Enjoying mental clarity and focus will become a normal part of life, alleviating stress, confusion and frustration.

Higher vibrations move faster and are lighter, thus promoting the feelings of happiness, a positive outlook on life and more energy. Conversely, the lower vibrations bring about lack of energy, and feelings of sadness, depression and a tendency to focus on problems rather than solutions.

Consequences of a Low Vibration

Detecting vibrations of others is sometimes easier than recognizing your own. Sometimes, it is possible that you’re vibrating at a lower frequency and completely unaware of it. Perhaps you have a very demanding job, lack time to take care of yourself, or have frequent contact with negative people. All of these things can lower your vibration. Most of us have a sense of the “vibes” around us, yet occasionally there are people who are completely oblivious to energetic vibrations. Having the ability to sense vibrations comes more naturally for some of us.

Learn to be attentive to your mood and if you realize you’re in a low vibration, work on raising it. For example, a high vibration generates positive results and a low vibration does the exact opposite. Take time out to assess your mood. Try to notice if you’re feeling resentful, lethargic or even angry. If so, you’re functioning at a low vibration. You do have the power to change your mood. It doesn’t necessarily come easily and takes some practice, so be patient. For starters, take time to acknowledge your feelings and then begin working on switching them up. Look in the mirror and smile at your reflection. Try holding that smile even if it is completely fake at first. Keep it on for at least a couple of minutes and notice your spirits have lifted. This is actually scientifically proven to work!

Another indicator that you’re functioning on a low vibration is your mental state. If you’ve been experiencing brain fog or lack of clarity, forgetfulness or slowness, it is time to raise your vibration. Take time to do something fun… just because. Having fun and playing, regardless of your age, is good for the soul and it stimulates new brain patterns that can be rejuvenating.


How to Raise Your Vibration

A higher vibration not only feels great, it also attracts more good into your life. Raising your vibration requires a conscious effort but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are some of easiest ways to raise your vibration the right way.

  • Choose Food Wisely:Food affects our vibration just as it does our health. Opt for foods that are highly nutritious, fresh and preferably organic. Foods vibrate just as people do and if you consume low vibration or negative energy foods, it will have an impact on how you feel. Believe it or not, the environment in which food was grown impacts its vibrational frequency, thus when you consume it, your vibration is affected as well. The non-organic and highly processed foods are sometimes laden with chemicals, hormones, GMOs, etc., all of which are unhealthy on multiple levels.
  • Exercise:Although exercise may be primarily for physical health, it helps energy flow through the body and releases endorphins, which help decrease stress and elevate mood.
  • Uplift Others:There are times in life where negative or skeptical people will cross your path, and while it is ideal to avoid pessimistic people when possible, you can actually raise your vibration and theirs. When you uplift others, you are increasing the positive vibration for you and them. Quite simply, it feels good to encourage others and naturally so, being that love and gratitude vibrate at high frequencies.
  • Meditation:Meditation allows time to slow down and regain focus internally. It is very beneficial in helping induce calmness and prepare for a restful sleep, so you can re-energize. Meditation teaches awareness and the art of observation and attention. It strengthens the mind and teaches control of the emotions and can be a useful tool in helping to raise your vibrational energies to clear out the negativity of the day; while strengthening your energy field and offering resistance from negative energies that you’re exposed to.

When you’re in a higher vibration on a daily basis, you will inspire others; attract like-minded people into your world and experience life the way it should be. A higher vibration is not just about feeling blissful, it results in experiencing states of peacefulness and calm, being spiritually energized and motivated to overcome obstacles.

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