The 432 Hz tone is thought to offer healing aspects and raise positive vibrations because it is the same frequency as the universe. Researchers report experiencing feelings of calm and relaxation when listening to music at 432 Hz versus tuning in to pieces that are based on a pitch just 8 Hz higher at 440 Hz. In fact, meditation music is frequently produced in the 432 Hz pitch because it creates more nourishing effects.

Music and sound have a definite connection. Consider for a moment the songs that bring tears to your eyes, or the musical beats that motivate you to dance or workout There are musical pieces that are attractive to us depending on the emotion that we’re experiencing. Research has shown that music impacts the body and mind in a variety of ways. It can cause the heart rate to speed up resulting in anxiety or slow down in relaxation. This is because the frequencies prompt a direct response from the body.


Frequency Matters

Music is adored by nearly everyone and is used in every culture from celebratory events to healing ceremonies. This peaked the curiosity of scientists and physicists who began researching these ancient traditions in an effort to find scientific proof. It was discovered by Dr. Andrija Puharich that healers all around the world performed their healing works based on the 8 Hz frequency. What is the significance of this?

In 1952, physicist Winfried Otto Schumann documented the Earth’s frequency at 8 Hz or 8 cycles per second. The magnetic resonance of 8 Hz encompasses the 432 Hz in music.  Thus, more than a century ago, the scientific pitch that was consistent with the universal tuning was established as A=432 Hz. Much of the historical classical music is tuned to the “middle A scale” which is equivalent to the 432 Hz frequency. Also, individuals who tune instruments by ear, frequently tune to this frequency, stating that the standard 440 Hz sounds flat. However, the common music tuning frequency is 440 Hz.

A healing study of classical music was conducted and those who listened to music tuned at 432 Hz experienced benefits, whereas individuals who were exposed to the 440 Hz musical tunes encountered little effect.


Why It Works

It is quite difficult to discern the difference between 432 Hz and 440 Hz to the human ear. However, the body and mind can distinguish between the two. The human body is connected to Mother Nature. When we align our bodies with the vibrational frequency of the universe, we are in perfect alignment with nature.

Music that is tuned to 432 Hz is used in meditation to help clear emotional blockages and chakras. Therapists working with Alzheimer’s patients use it to help improve memory retention.

The 432 Hz enables the body to relax and helps induce clarity. This frequency is connected to multiple things.

  • Some of the greatest musicians created their famous pieces on A=432 Hz, such as Verdi and Mozart.
  • The singing bowls used by Tibetan monks are tuned to 432 Hz.
  • It was even used in connection with the construction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
  • There are EEG (electroencephalograph) studies that show the two hemispheres in the brain are in balance when listening to music based on 432 Hz. This is significant because the most successful inventors, greatest philosophers and artists use both of the brain hemispheres simultaneously.

Musician and researcher, Brian T. Collins states that the standard 440 Hz pitch has no connection to the rhythms of nature, and while it is a mere 8 Hz difference, the human consciousness recognizes it.


Healing with the Miracle Tone 432 Hz

Our minds and bodies are extremely perceptive to the frequencies of music as well as sounds in the environment. It is a known fact that music is directly connected to our emotions. Hence, why we choose different tunes and beats for different purposes. 432 Hz tones are softer and because of the soothing effects on the body, it is more apt to take people into meditative states, improve mood, memory, affect hormones and support healing.

Scientific studies back this. For instance, a study conducted at the University of California at Irvine tested the effects of music on students. The participants were broken into three groups: one group listened to music by Mozart, the second group listened to relaxation music and the third group listened to nothing. Out of the three groups, the one exposed to Mozart scored the highest grades on tests.

Research is continuously being conducted to gain better understanding of our direct connection to the Earth and the Universe. After all, everything is made up of energy. Tesla and Einstein recognized it and Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment with water crystals shows visual results of how different energies and music affect water.

Furthermore, many of the philosophies that Chakra healing is based on puts focus on the heart chakra and equates it to compassion, joy and warmth. As mentioned previously, the 432 Hz balances chakras.

Meditating with 432 Hz Music

We know that the meditative state offers many benefits to the body, mind and soul. When meditation is combined with music that is tuned to the 432 Hz frequency, the body becomes extremely receptive to healing because of the natural harmonic sounds. Even when the change in styles of music is not audibly detected, the body and mind recognize the differences. Many have expressed that they can feel the music in their body as a sense of warmth.

So, when the mixture of meditation and tones based on the 432 Hz are used simultaneously, it is known as a sound bath. This method utilizes the warm sounds of gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks and/or drumming. A sound bath meditation incorporates more music so the theta brainwave becomes more active.

The theta brainwave brings about feelings of relaxation and healing, making it much easier for the brain to shift into a deeper state of meditation.  This type of meditation is often a game changer for people who are new to meditation. Why? One of the most common reasons people give up on meditating is because of all the frustration of external noise, random thoughts and inability to concentrate. And, while, that is normal for meditation novices, it is still challenging. Fortunately, the ability to meditate and enter into deeper states occurs with dedication, practice and consistency.

The sound bath meditation brings about an overall quietness to the entire being that will sometimes continue to offer benefits throughout the following day or so.

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