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Deep Belly Meditation is the place where you can come to rediscover joy all year long. Where you can experience the calming effects of sound healing with instruments like crystal bowls, singing bowls, chimes, kalimbas, harps, drums, gongs, didgeridoos and even your own voice via humming, chanting and laughter. Sound classes are offered daily, so you can pick and choose the sound that makes you feel the most at home.

Our brains are busy powerhouses, generating 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. Unfortunately, many of them negative and on repeat so it’s hard to learn to live with them, but by incorporating guided and mantra meditations in to your daily routine you can learn not to become possessed by them.

Falling asleep is ranked up there as one of the best feelings of calmness for most people. Add a little restful meditation to your schedule and feel more relaxed than ever.

Breathing in and out seems like a natural thing, something no one needs to relearn, but studies have found that shallow breathing is directly associated with heart disease, as well as more impactful on health and longevity than smoking, cholesterol levels, and insulin metabolism. Therefore, learning to breathe like a baby again with deep belly breaths, will both improve your health and help you live longer.

Release your full potential by balancing your energy centers through energizing meditations, chants and aromatherapy.

Experience “dog time”. Rub your furry babies belly to experience now time, the present moment, the essence of just being.

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